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Chicago Residential Real Estate Appraiser

Our job is to investigate all aspects of your building and land to determine its value. This value is used for purchase, sale, investment, mortgage, or loan purposes.

When you utilize our services, you get:

  • Experienced Appraisers
  • Prompt Completion
  • Thorough Reports

The value of a building is determined by making an appraisal— an estimate of the most probable price for which a property should sell under current market conditions. To make these estimates we will visit the property and talk with people familiar with it. We then measure and inspect it for design, construction, and condition.

Once all of the information is gathered, your Chicago Residential Real Estate Appraiser will take a number of other factors into account. We will use a variety of standard formulas to assess possible losses in value and reproduction costs. We also consider location and other trends that could influence the future value of the property.

It is  important to use a certified a Chicago Residential Real Estate Appraiser


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